Local Tattoo Parlor Set To Reopen as part of Accelerated Phase Two

Local Tattoo Parlor Set To Reopen as part of Accelerated Phase Two

Nico Payne

More businesses, including tattoo parlors, are gearing up to re-open tomorrow after getting the okay from county officials last week. NBC Palm Springs visited a local tattoo shop which is booking up quickly as many people are looking to get fresh ink.

Tattoo parlors are now apart of the accelerated phase two of the reopening stages for Riverside County. Local tattoo businessman Anthony Bernardi says after being closed for three months, his team is ready to get back to work.

“It’s been quite a struggle, we’ve been down for the whole thing, we were not fortunate enough to get any of the government assistance. we were lucky enough to have a landlord that worked with us on the rent, keeping everything going, and we are really excited to get back to work tomorrow,” said Anthony Bernardi, Business Partner of Picazo Tat2.

And if you are thinking of booking an appointment anytime soon, you wait will be about two months from now

“Right now I am currently booked up till the end of July, so I’m looking for August and September right now,” said Fernando Picazo, Tatoo Artist at Picazo Tat2.

Many things may look the same as tattoo shops are used to sanitary practices, but one big difference will be how many people are allowed in the room.

“Essentially it doesn’t change a lot for us because it’s such a sterile industry, to begin with, a lot of the things that will change as far as the guidelines go, we’re not going to have any guests with you, it’s going to be just the client only,” explained Bernardi.

Bernardi says temperature checks will not be required to enter their shop, but all usual sanitary measures will be in place, and so far the local response to reopening has been extremely receptive.

“People are excited to get back to normal society and get their ink finished. we just ask that you take the same precautions and we’re trusting you guys to be honest with us as you are trusting us to create a safe environment for you,” added Bernardi.

“I just like working with people and creating something they want to put on their body for life,” explained Picazo.

People looking to book an appointment should email or call that business. If you would like to book an appoint at Picazo Tat2, you can email them at PicazoTat2@outllook.com