Christy Holstege announces re-election campaign

Christy Holstege announces re-election campaign

Taylor Martinez

Palm Springs City Council Member, Christy Holstege, announced her re-election campaign on Facebook Monday morning.

“I had planned on kicking off my campaign for re-election in April, but held off due to the pandemic and economic crisis facing our city. I focused all of my time on all of those pressing issues. However, after the last few weeks and all of the important work still to do this year, much of it difficult, it looks like we will have a campaign on our hands and it’s time to start contacting voters the best we can, even in the midst of a crisis (and while growing a human!),” she said in her post.

Holstege has served on the Palm Springs City Council since 2017.

“I would be honored to serve a second term on Palm Springs City Council. If re-elected, I will be the first ever female mayor and first ever openly bisexual mayor in Palm Springs’ 80 year history. I would be able to continue showing up each and every day to represent residents, demonstrate our values, and help build the Palm Springs of the future,” said Holstege.

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