Distance Learning Struggles; PSUSD launches Tech Depots To Help

Nico Payne

It’s the second day of school for palm springs unified school district. Teachers were able to train and learn the technology, but parents and families say they weren’t.

That’s caused a lot of frustrations as families troubleshoot technical glitches. NBC Palm Springs spoke with families and the district to get some answers…

The first day of school looked a little different this year, with kids logging on instead of heading into the classroom. But some families couldn’t even access the various online portals.

“There is clever, seesaw, and then prodigy. and all of them needed passcodes and she couldn’t even complete and assignment yesterday,” said Francheska Wagner, Parent of PSUSD Student.

“She told me that we’re going to meet up on google meets and I called my mom to say that I don’t know how to get into google meets because you needed a code and stuff,” said Bella Wagner, 3rd grader in PSUSD.

Palm Springs Unified School District is now offering tech depots for students and parents who might find themselves struggling with technology or faulty equipment.

“Yesterday we saw a huge demand at desert hot springs high school and we requested to have an additional tech depot today to support the need in the community,” said Dr. Cota, Principal at Desert Hot Springs High School.

At the tech depots, families can come and trade out technology they are having problems with, pick up hotspots, and pick up new chargers.

Wagner who admits she struggles with technology, hopes for more training opportunities for parents.

“I did have a lot of issues and I’m hoping that the school realizes that it’s not just the teachers that needed the virtual learning during this time before the school started. it’s also parents too because we’re home with them,” explained Wagner.

For specific technical support and more simplistic questions, email addresses are available for students and parents to reach out for help. See the below information for contact information and a schedule of the tech depots:

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