Food Distribution Supplies Run Low

Nico Payne

A food distribution held at Mary Pickford Theatre this morning ran out of supplies within the first half-hour. Many who made line hours before the event started had to be sent elsewhere for food and supplies.

Five months ago, when the pandemic first hit, members from destiny church saw a need and decided to step in and help.

“A lot of people were laid off or furloughed, so destiny church became really mobilized in helping the community, not only in Indio where our main campus is at but here in cathedral city and throughout the Coachella Valley,” said Pastor Rick Saldivar with Destiny Church.

Destiny Church has partnered up with Find Food Bank and The Mary Pickford Theatre to provide help to the community, but food and supplies do run out fast.

“The distribution starts at 8 o’clock but people start lining up as early as 6:45,” added Pastor Rick.

With limited supplies, the food distribution only lasted for about 20 minutes, cars and food were quickly cleared out of the area but people were not left empty-handed. They were sent to the main church locations which are able to house more supplies.”

“Riverside County gave us masks, they gave us 30,000 masks to distribute to the community and that’s probably been our biggest hit. we had an influx of people show up, so if we were doing 100 cars, 150-250, and we’re averaging about 5 family members, so that’s a lot of families were helping out,” explained Pastor Rick.

Volunteers who have been helping out since the beginning of the pandemic say more help is needed.

“It’s definitely a time of need, it’s a season where people are experiencing some financial hardships and just being able to be here and even just give them a smile, even if we can only smile with our eyes,” said Joey Clipper, Volunteer with Destiny Church.

“The last two weekends we’ve actually done a prayer service, and because they get here so early they’ve really enjoyed that, they are walking away hopeful,” explained Elise Fox, Volunteer with Destiny Church.

And to keep the effort going, Destiny Church is accepting donations.

“If you got supplies, or maybe you’ve got a store or restaurant, or something that you have the ability to provide more stuff that would be great, we’re always open to getting more help.,” said Chanel Clipper, Volunteer with Destiny Church.

“Everybody is welcome to come if you’re in need or want to add to your pantry, we are here,” added pastor rick.

People interested in learning more information about future events and donating can visit

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