Cooling Centers Are Open As Coachella Valley Faces Scorching Temps.

Cooling Centers Are Open As Coachella Valley Faces Scorching Temps.

Nico Payne

As we continue to face triple-digit temperatures and humid conditions, cooling centers across the Coachella Valley are a resource that many people rely on.

“We’ve seen a little bit of an increase because of the added heat, usually we’ve got a full house and tonight we have a full house as well, and we’re just making room for the extra people as they come in,” said Scott Wolf, Development Director of The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission is open to the public providing many services to try and beat the heat.

“We’re just like an oasis in the desert, we’re ready to help. we offer showers, we offer clothing exchange, we offer case management, we offer meals, we offer a place to sleep for the night and just a place to get out of the heat,” added Wolf.

And not too far from the rescue mission, Martha’s Village and Kitchen is also used as a cooling center, usually open Monday through Friday. But during extreme conditions, they do open on the weekends.

“We’re actually opening up on the weekends as well because of the heat, we did have it open today and it was pretty packed,” explained Leanard Castro, Residential Program Specialist and Security with Martha’s Village and Kitchen.

And even though we haven’t seen rolling blackouts in our county yet, both cooling centers say they are prepared if that were to happen.

“If you’re experiencing a rolling blackout and you don’t have any a/c in your house and you need those services you can come here too. we’re a designated cooling center,” said Wolf

“We run of regular power, but we also have generators, so if the power does go out we could still function and operate,” added Castro.

There are safety precautions put in place due to the ongoing pandemic, and some offered advice for this treacherous weather.

“Face masks are required, we have handwash stations, we have hand sanitizer available and we’re making sure that everybody is safe, happy, and healthy here,” said Wolf.

“Try to stay cool, drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, and try to stay out of the direct sunlight,” said Castro.

For a list and information on all the cooling centers, you can head to

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