Health Experts Urge People Not to Let Guard Down this Holiday Weekend

Health Experts Urge People Not to Let Guard Down this Holiday Weekend

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People are out in full force at this Costco in Palm Desert preparing for the labor day holiday.

Larry Profeta, from Rancho Mirage was there shopping too, he says he’s is inviting a couple of friends over, “To have a little dinner party on Sunday and it’s ribs.”

But he’s thinking about more than the menu.

He says social distancing is a must, lots of hand washing will be done and masks will be worn when they’re not eating those ribs, “Our friends, we’ve known for 30 years, one has a heart condition so we’ve gotta be very careful … no hugging, no kissing, no nothing.”

And that’s exactly what health experts want to hear.

The last spike in COVID-19 cases in the Coachella Valley happened after another holiday weekend.

“We’re certainly concerned about what’s going to happen over labor day … following Memorial Day over the next several weeks we just saw a tremendous spike in the number of cases eventually peaking in July, over 90 cases in the hospital,” says Dr. Alan Williamson, Chief Medical Officer at Eisenhower Health.

That spike was seen across the county, state and country too. County and federal health officials don’t want a repeat.

“I certainly am concerned that people may get the wrong idea, the virus is still around, we’ve got plenty of circulating virus about,” says Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County’s Public Health Officer.

“When you get into holiday weekends, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, the tendency of people to be careless somewhat in regard to the public health measures that we keep recommending over and over again,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. 

Williamson says with more cases comes more fatalities, “That’s just an unavoidable fact that if we have a significant up tick in the number of cases we are going to see more deaths those deaths are unnecessary.” 

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