Athletes Speak Out on Social Media for Breonna Taylor

Athletes Speak Out on Social Media for Breonna Taylor

Brandy Flores


Athletes have been advocating for justice…specifically for Breonna Taylor…and after the news this morning that the officers involved in her death are not going to be punished by the state of Kentucky, they continued to speak on their frustrations via social media.

These athletes have been advocating for police reform and social justice all year long, and even when they make their ~entire~ season about normalizing the conversation on social justice, in hopes of some change. People still refuse to listen, athletes are frustrated and they have every right to be.

The L.A. Chargers’ team doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung after trying to give him a pain killer injection. Not a career-ending injury, nobody is upset at the doctor.

Houston and North Texas college football game was postponed to a later date due to North Texas having too many positive COVID-19 cases.

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