Voting in Riverside County; What You Need To Know

Voting in Riverside County; What You Need To Know

Nico Payne

The early voting process in Riverside County begins Monday, but what will the process be like? NBC Palm Springs looks for answers.

The last day to register to vote is October 19th, and voting across Riverside County is set to change dramatically as voters will be using mail-in ballots and dropbox locations instead of their usual polling locations.

Seeing the two candidates for president debate for the first time face to face reminds voters that election day is right around the corner. But if you think about election day as lining up in person at a nearby church or high school gym, think again.

“Because of the coronavirus, you are not going to see that kind of thing this year,” explained Elle Kurpiewski, Political Development Director of The Democratic Headquarters of The Desert.

The Registrar Of Voters says there are some changes people need to know about. In Riverside County, There’s usually 600 polling places, this year there will only be 130 ‘Voter Assistance Centers’ to help people who can’t otherwise vote by mail.

“There is only one polling place for every 10,000 people, so it will be crowded. I did hear the governor say yesterday that you’re going to be in a line and you’re going to have to be spaced out and you’ll have your mask. so is it worth it to people or not to go to those places, I don’t know,” said Joy Miedecke, President of Easy Valley Republican Women Federated.

Every registered voter in the state will receive a mail-in ballot, those will be sent out soon.

“What is going to happen on Monday is the ballots are going to be mailed,” added Kurpiewski

Voters will have the option to mail in their ballots or drop them off at one of 80 locations throughout the county.

“Each city is going to have drop boxes, people can call the headquarters and we’ll be glad to let people know where their drop boxes are going to be,” said Kurpiewski

“When you get your voting materials which should be in the next couple of days, you’re going to see probably on it the closest places for you to go to vote,” explained Miedecke.

If you don’t receive a ballot by mail, voters can request a provisional ballot.

“There will be some locations where people can go and vote with a provisional ballot, these are people that didn’t get a ballot. if you got a ballot, you can’t vote twice, I don’t care what he says in the white house, you can’t vote twice,” said Kerpiewski.

If you want to track your ballot, you can go online a follow it every step of the way.

“And there’s a place to sign up for ballot tracker and what’ll happen if you do that is you’ll get a notification when they receive your ballot in the mail and also when they count it,” said Miedecke.

A postage stamp is not required for your mail-in ballot, but it is important to have all your information filled out and to sign the back of your envelope to make sure your vote is counted. For more information on voting in Riverside County, you can visit

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