Palm Desert City Council, District 2

Palm Desert City Council, District 2

Nico Payne

As we continue coverage of our local elections, we speak to the candidates running for District 2, in the city of Palm Desert. The candidate elected to the District 2 seat will present 80% of the voting district. All four candidates sat down with me to deliver a message to voters.

The city of palm desert will be filling two council seats for newly appointed voting districts. District 1 will represent about 20% of the population, while District 2 will comprise about 80% of the population.

We spoke to the four candidates who are vying for District 2, and asked what is important to them.

“We plan on expanding some of the development projects, the San Pablo project as you can see is halfway done. we’re also in communication with the sports arena developer for that northern end of our desert, there is just so many more things I hope to accomplish,” said Gina Nestande, Mayor of Palm Desert.

“My wife and I raised our three kids here, I run my business here, I’m absolutely committed to the success of the city, I love it. what I love about this race is that it’s a non-partisan race and so the focus can just be 100% on what’s best for palm desert and its residents,” said Evan Trubee, Candidate for Palm Desert City Council, District 2.

“The problem we’re facing in palm desert right now is that our city council has been missing in action in that war and we need leadership to get us healthy. the second issue is short term rentals, we have a ban on short term rentals, we need to expand that ban to include neighborhoods that were left out,” said Steven Moyer, Candidate for Palm Desert City Council, District 2.

“The Coachella Valley is growing and we have to make sure that it grows in a way that balances. please let’s be unified in our response to this pandemic, our business interest, and public health are totally connected,” said Kathleen Kelly, Mayor Pro Tem of Palm Desert.

And a main topic of discussion surrounding this election is bringing a Cal-State University to the city, in the cities name.

“In order to be considered a stand-alone campus we need to grow the population to closer to seven to eight thousand in the student body,” explained Nestande.

“Within a 60-mile radius there is no other four-year university, and think about all those kids, North Shore, Mecca, Coachella,” added Trubee.

“Four-year universities have lots of jobs, teaching, but not just teaching, facilities, security, the whole enchilada,” said Moyer.

“Everybody is for it, the key is who can make it happen. I’ve been a strong advocate for the innovation hub that is bringing both diversity to our economy and to new programs to CSU in Palm Desert,” added Kelly.

There are changes when it comes to voting in this year election, for more information on these voting changes, you can visit

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