Desert Healthcare District Election Results

Desert Healthcare District Election Results

Taylor Martinez

The Desert Healthcare District & Foundation consists of seven zones.

Here are the current seats filled:

– Zone 1: Les Zendle, MD

– Zone 2: Carole Rogers, RN, MPH

– Zone 3: Mark Matthews

– Zone 4: Evett PerezGil

– Zone 5: Arthur Shorr

– Zone 6: Karen Borja

– Zone 7: Leticia De Lara, MPA


Mark Matthews (District 3) is retiring, opening that seat.

Looking to fill his spot in the November 3, 2020 election is Kristal Granados and Carmina Zavala. *Shelley Kaplan is also on the ballot, but no longer looking to fill the seat.

Here are the results for the Zone 3 race as of Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020, at 10:00 am:

*These are projected winners, Riverside County will not finalize results till Thursday, November 5th.

– Carmina Zavala — 11,552

– Kristal Granados — 5,986

-Shelly Kaplan* — 3,361


Three other zones are also up for re-election, but their candidates are running unopposed including:

– Zone 1: Les Zendle

– Zone 5: Arthur Shorr

– Zone 7: Leticia De Lara

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