Indian Wells Election Results

Indian Wells Election Results

Taylor Martinez

The City of Indian Wells is governed by a five-member City Council.

The Council elects a Mayor from its membership to serve as its presiding officer for a one-year term. The current Mayor is Ty Peabody. Also on his board are Dana Reed, Richard Balocco, Kimberly Muzik and Ted Mertens.

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In this 2020 election, five candidates are vying for three seats with Peabody, Muzik and Mertens at the end of their terms.

Here are the results for this race as of Wednesday at 9:00am:

*These are projected winners, Riverside County will not finalize results till Thursday, November 5th.

– Greg Sanders — 1,072

– Donna Griffith —  1,065

– Kimberly Muzik — 1,000

– Douglas Hanson — 654

– Kathy Strong — 615


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