Xavier Senior, Angie Carroll Awarded the 2020 Heisman High School Scholarship

Xavier Senior, Angie Carroll Awarded the 2020 Heisman High School Scholarship

Brandy Flores

Angie Carroll is a senior at Xavier College Prep and captain of the girl’s basketball team. Angie says that her love for basketball goes all the way back to her childhood.

“I’ve been playing basketball ever since I was five years old. I started at the YMCA and my dad was my coach and to be honest, my love grew from it, because of my dad.”

Most recently, Angie was awarded the 2020 Heisman High School Scholarship Award. She is one of the only two student-athletes in California with this award. When she found out that she had been bestowed this accomplishment, you could say she was excited.

“Oh, it was amazing! I remember getting the email from my counselor and I saw the subject of the email. ‘Angie Carroll congratulations for winning the Heisman High School Scholarship Award‘ and I was like what, this is crazy! I remember screenshotting it and sending it to our family group chat. Yeah, that was a great moment, really. I just gotta go back to thank my family and just the support of my coach and my teammates and really everyone I have to say, thank you.”

Angie was given this award, not only for her athletic and academic achievements at Xavier but for her strong involvement with community service.

“I am involved with National Charity League and I’ve been involved with that ever since I was in sixth grade. It’s an organization that you do with your mom and you volunteer at The Living Desert and do events through them. It really just builds that bond with a mother and a daughter through being involved with the community and serving the community. I’ve also volunteered for Palm Desert library’s children’s summer reading program for one summer.”

Angie has big plans for her future, she is planning to major in business and sports management once she is off to college next year. Angie also takes great pride in being a Xavier Saint.

Xavier’s motto is ‘Being men and women with and for others’ really sticks out to me, and I try to be that person. Whether it’s open to growth, or being loving and compassionate.”

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