Local Assisted Living Center To Be One Of First To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine

Local Assisted Living Center To Be One Of First To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine

Nico Payne

An assisted living and memory care center in La Quinta will be one of the first to take part in the CDC’s national Covid-19 vaccination program.

Caleo Bay is one of the first communities to enroll in the free program. In partnership with the CDC and local drug stores, the community in La Quinta will have the opportunity to receive an on-site vaccination for free.

“Our resident’s safety and our employee’s safety is of the utmost importance and so it’s our mission to pioneer and partner with the CDC, and CVS, and Walgreens,” said Dawn Connelly, Executive Director of Caleo Bay Assisted Living.

Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County’s Public Health Officer explains how the vaccine will be distributed in three phases.

“The first phase is the one they are looking at, that’s going to be not only first responders and medical providers, but also folks in congregate living settings, skilled nursing facilities. the folks who are the most medically vulnerable. the ones where we’ve seen the most deaths from Covid-19 explained Kaiser.

The second phase will prioritize populations being impacted by Covid-19, and the third phase is when the vaccine will be available to everyone. Dr. Kaiser also explains the process of receiving a vaccination.

“Just keep in mind you will require a second shot. just one won’t be enough, and you will potentially need a booster later depending on how long the studies will show it lasts,” said Kaiser.

And what people can expect in the aftermath.

“The side effects are going to be pretty minor, most similar to what you’d get from a flu shot. but neither of these vaccines will give you covid-19 because all they have is just a piece of its genetic code,” said Kaiser.

Caleo bay staff is proud to be among the first to offer this, but health officials say it will be a learning process once the vaccine roll-out begins.

“We want to be ahead of the game, during this covid challenge and give families peace of mind and ultimately we’d want to get back to our families able to visit,” added Connelly.

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