COVID Economy Shutters Discovery Children’s Museum Indefinitely

COVID Economy Shutters Discovery Children’s Museum Indefinitely

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After more than three decades in the Coachella Valley, The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is closing its doors. CDMoD Board Co-Chair Davis Meyer said through a press release, pandemic restrictions forced the museum to use limited reserves to pay for maintenance costs that usually are covered through admissions, camps and memberships. All programs have been discontinued and staff has been laid off.

The press release continues:

With continued uncertainty around regulations from the state, the Board of Directors made the heartbreaking decision to layoff the remaining staff and discontinue all museum programming. “This decision was not made lightly,” said CDMoD Board Co-Chair Davis Meyer. “We understand the history and importance of the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert and its staff to our community.” The safety of children and families will remain the top priority in determining when the museum might reopen and what programming will be offered.

“Museums across the country are facing these pandemic-related challenges; our motto at CDMoD has always been to not only look but also to touch and play. Research shows that hands-on activities, guided by a parent or museum staff, are very effective teaching tools for children. Now, we are reimagining some museum components and will call on the community for their support to save our much loved museum. Financial donors will be essential to a renewed comeback – we will also need corporate partners, leaders, and volunteers to assist in this grand effort. It almost feels we are at the forming stage again, similar to when the museum first began. It took a large group of private citizens and community donors to make the dream a reality.” – Katie Stice, IOM, Board Co-Chair.

“On a personal note, I worked here as Operational Director for eight exciting years and have seen first-hand how this organization molds children, families and our community. I am passionate about the role our children’s museum plays in the valley,” added Stice.

We are grateful to the generous donors who have helped sustain the museum through its closure and throughout the last 22 years. Our future depends on your support. A large-scale Save Our Children’s Discovery Museum campaign is launching to engaging donors, corporate partners, sponsors and the community at large. Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert has been an institution in the valley (in two different locations) for three decades. Reopening CDMoD will take long-term planning and commitment from its board of directors and greater Coachella Valley community. If people want this major attraction and educational organization to remain, we must all work together. If you would like to be a part of the Save Our Children’s Discovery Museum aid project, please contact Katie Stice and or Davis Meyer or visit

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