American Express Golf Tournament Giving Back to the Coachella Valley Community

American Express Golf Tournament Giving Back to the Coachella Valley Community

Brandy Flores

The 2021 American Express golf tournament taking place here in La Quinta is coming up on January 20-24. However, due to COVID-19, fans will not be permitted at the event this year. As a result, American Express got rid of the traditional multi-day pro-am format. This means that the local charities who fundraise at this event will most likely be negatively affected.
Pat McCabe, the American Express tournament director, explains how they had to get creative to ensure local charities in the Coachella Valley did not lose out. 
“When the decision was made last week to cancel the program format of the event, American Express still wanted to ensure that that local funds and local charities were benefiting, and such where they were able to announce that over a million dollars from this upcoming tournament will still go back to the local charities. The focal point of this event has always been about giving back and giving back to local charities here in the Coachella Valley. And we’re just so thankful for their support and their commitment to give back here to local groups.” 
American Express did something similar for local charities as part of the 2020 tournament, alongside the Phil Mickelson foundation, and a few of those 14 local charities who benefited are all but grateful to have been selected by American Express to receive a generous donation: 
Paula Simonds, CEO – Family YMCA of the Desert:  “To receive the generous donation we’re so excited that we actually were recognized as one of the recipients of the 14 recipients for this generous donation that we are receiving. There are so many hardworking, well-deserving nonprofits in our Valley. Those that are making the decisions to help support our charities are acknowledging the hard work that is being put forth to help support our community families.”
Darla Burkett, Executive Director – Coachella Valley Rescue Mission: “To be remembered in the Coachella Valley and to be thought of so highly was very touching to all of us we are really blessed and grateful. We are just going strong, and we’re going strong because of the community donations and community support. So every day that we wake up and get a chance to help others, it just seems to keep us going.” 
Michael Landes, President – Eisenhower Health Foundation: “Eisenhower Health’s relationship with the American Express Golf Tournament (formerly known as the Bob Hope Classic) began more than 50 years ago when the Bob Hope Classic donated funds to help finance the construction of the desert’s first and only not-for-profit hospital. We are grateful to the American Express Golf Tournament not only for their commitment to support Eisenhower Health, but also to continue the Classic’s tradition of supporting desert charities in need.”

The American Express tournament has a long history in the Coachella Valley, and according to Pat McCabe, that is the reason why it was of utmost importance to give back to local charities this year. 

“We’re in your 62 here of the American Express PGA Tour event, over $60 million has been given back to charitable organizations. We will certainly miss our fans this yearm but at the end of the day, giving back is what’s most important and we’re so thankful to be able to do that.” 

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