Riverside County Vaccine Sites Open, Booked Solid

Riverside County Vaccine Sites Open, Booked Solid

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For the first time covid vaccination sites were open across Riverside County. The line was long. The vaccine was by appointment only. Many people who thought they could walk up were turned away, the vaccine was given by appointment only.

Morongo Fire Chief Kevin Gaines who helped run the site, says appointments filled up fast, “Basically booked within a matter of hours and I anticipate it being that way through next week with the majority of people trying to get vaccinated.”

Among those in line teachers, food and agricultural workers and thanks to a new state mandate people 65 and older.

“We didn’t think we’d be getting it probably until springtime and knowing they allowed people over 65 to do it now, that’s great,” says Don Trujillo from Beaumont.

“At my age i want to make sure that I’m around for a while, I need to bother her a little bit more,” says Tim Williamson from Beaumont.

This vaccine site at a Beaumont middle school is one of five locations that will be up and running by this week. Each site will be able to vaccinate 700 people a day, 5,600 by the end of the weekend.

“These people almost every one in line, that’s getting this shot today, if they don’t get this shot today and they catch it they’re going to die, it’s that simple, couldn’t be any more simple, this isn’t a political issue, this is your life,” says Rick Burton, from Cherry Valley.

The line went around the basketball courts, through the main entrance and parking lot, but people who were lucky enough to get an appointment, like Burton, were happy to be there.

“Oh, I think it’s absolutely awesome I was willing to drive wherever I could get it, I  have COPD, I need it,” says Burton. You could see his smile through his Dodger mask.

“My concern is I do have four children at home and working in and out of homes kind of concerns me a little to get them sick, so I’m glad I’m excited,” says Elsa Cisneros from Indio. She’s a medical assistant and provides home healthcare.

It took about two hours for people to make their way through the line, but once inside the school gymnasium, the wait was worth it.

Burton sat down, got his shot and says it didn’t hurt one bit, “Thank you, thank you, I’m going to cry, this is excellent.”

For information on appt. vaccine click here: COVID VACCINE

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