Clearing up Vaccine Appointment Confusion

Taylor Martinez

Vaccine demand has exploded since the guidelines of who’s eligible changed, but Riverside County residents remain confused about the process.

So let’s clear up common questions.


First, who qualifies to get vaccinated as of right now?

There are several tiers to the County’s process, but currently those in all tiers of Phase 1A and those in tier one Phase 1B qualify.

This includes:

  • Acute Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities (medically vulnerable individuals)
  • First Responders (paramedic/EMTs)
  • Correctional Hospitals
  • Behavior Health (psychiatric)
  • Dialysis Centers (staff)
  • Pharmacist & Pharmacy Staff
  • Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Home Health and IHSS
  • Public Health (field)/DPSS
  • Community Health Workers
  • Primary Care & Community Clinics
  • Urgent Cares (stand-alone)
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Laboratory Workers
  • Dental/Oral Health Clinics
  • Mortuary Services Industries
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Emergency Services
  • Riverside County Resident 65+

Click here for more information on who qualifies.


When and where can I get my vaccine?

It’s important to note appointments are required.

To find times and locations go to and click on the COVID-19 vaccine image there are two options: County-Run Clinics and Community partners like Ralphs and Albertsons.

County clinics accommodate the most people.

On the vaccine page you will find a list of dates, times and locations.

If there is an available time, you can register there.

If appointments are full, that will be indicated on the page.

Click here to see the current schedule.


Meanwhile, community partners are limited in distribution right now.

Albertsons is one of the County’s community partners and they are taking appointments for anyone who qualifies through the County (those mentioned above), including those 65 and older.

“Currently we have to rely on Riverside County to allocate vaccines to our pharmacies,” said Albertsons Division Pharmacy Manager, Tersia Stone, “We keep opening up new spots daily and we always book out about two weeks ahead.”

Stone also say they hope to get vaccines into their Vons pharmacy’s soon.

Ralphs is another community partner and they are also taking those who qualify under the County guidelines, but several stores we called said they are fully booked for January.

A Ralphs representative has yet to respond to NBC Palm Springs request for comment.


To check on community partner appointments  click here.


Of course, we can expect more vaccination sites as supply increases.


So, you have secured an appointment. What do you need to bring?

Have a work ID or letterhead from your place of employment ready, or simply a driver’s license for anyone over 65.

And again, you must have an appointment.


Finally, what if there are no appointments available?

According to health officials, it’s all based on the number of vaccines the County receives.

While there is no set date as to when more will be made available, the best way to stay informed is to monitor the County’s website.

Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said in a Tweet Thursday all vaccine clinics are currently full and phone lines are busy.

This article was updated 1/15/21 with new information from Albertsons and the County
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