Local Police Discuss Security Leading Up To Inauguration Day

Local Police Discuss Security Leading Up To Inauguration Day

Nico Payne

As many states are closing their capitol building and increasing security as we near the Presidential Inauguration. We hear from Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco and local police officials on what is being done locally in preparation.

“You will not experience here what we watched on tv in Washington,” explained Bianco. 

In a recent town hall meeting, Sheriff Bianco says Riverside County is not expecting anything compared to what the nation saw in Washington D.C.

“Police stations overrun and cars on fire in the street, and things like that. we are not going to experience that here. number one because we don’t have the residents that I believe would go for that, that are for that, that support that,” said Bianco.

Local police officials agree with the sheriff, in that they don’t expect residents in Riverside County to show any type of civil unrest.

“We’re used to seeing big events and stuff, the concerts in the cities that we have, people coming from throughout the world. as far as with the most recent events that have gone one we obviously do agree that we don’t foresee that type of activity or response,” said Ben Guitron, Public Information Officer with Indio Police Department.

Sheriff Bianco stressing the fact that as long as protests remain peaceful, there shouldn’t be any problems.

“While you still have the right to protest and you still have the right to voice your opinion. We’ll let you do that as long as you remain peaceful in doing it, and you’re not violating somebody else’s rights or property in the exercise of your rights,” explained Bianco.

But if any events become out of control, there is a plan in place.

“We are very aware of situations that may be planned or maybe coming up in our area, and we have plenty of resources that we will definitely be able to be sure that everyone is safe if they choose to exercise that right,” added Bianco.

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