Riverside County Revamps Health Website

Riverside County Revamps Health Website

Nico Payne

An apology from the county after another disastrous rollout of vaccine signups. Residents trying to sign up for vaccine appointments were instead met with error messages and an unusable website.

“We certainly understand that frustration and apologize for the county’s website performance which was providing only intermittent or sporadic access to our schedule of upcoming clinics for the weekend,” said Brooke Federico, Riverside County Public Information Officer.

County officials blame coding issues for the website crash but also the state-wide web portal.

“That state-wide system, to put it in very simple terms is not built like TicketMaster, the way that it works is that our residents have to input all of their personal information and then get to the end and see if there are available time slots,” explained Federico.

If you were lucky enough to start filling out your personal information, by the time you finished most appointments had already been filled. A new website is now up and running and the county promises a smoother user experience.

“We’re launching this new website to provide uninterrupted access to our residents so that when they need to get on to our website the most that it is performing for them,” added Federico.

That new website will be put to the test on Saturday at noon, that’s when another round of vaccination appointment slots open up. In addition to major problems with the website, the county is also warning there’s not enough vaccine to go around.

“What we can safely say is that we do expect the supply to be similar for the next couple of months. With the next vaccine that might be approved, at the earliest we’re guessing that would be in the spring, maybe March or April,” said Geoffrey Leung, Chief of Family Medicine with Riverside County.

With that vaccine shortage in mind, elected officials are considering taking a step backward.. and re-prioritizing who’s able to get a vaccine.

“You know this issue is an issue of the fact that we don’t have the adequate supply of vaccines. maybe we vaccinate folks, we go back to the original system and vaccinate folks that are 75 and older, and maybe there is a way in which we can vaccinate individuals that may be 65 and older that may have comorbidities,” said V. Manuel Perez who sits on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

“We get vaccines on a weekly basis, and that’s why we open up these clinics on a weekly basis as well. it’s based on the amount that we expect to receive next week,” said Federico.

To visit the new website you can follow the link below: www.rivcoph.org/COVID-19-Vaccine

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