Problems Continue With County’s Health Website

Nico Payne

An approximate 10,000 additional slots to secure vaccine appointments opened up earlier today at noon, but securing appointments this time around wasn’t as easy as promised. 

Many still getting an error page and unable to gain access. NBC Palm Springs monitored today’s new website as it opened and spoke to many who struggled with the new website.

Many feeling frustration as they tried to secure an appointment on riverside county’s health website, officials geared towards a smoother experience without any success.

“At noon the website seemed to go through some kind of change, and then it went to appointments available, so I tried for almost an hour,” said Jack Wiesenfeld, Indio Resident.

Just 45 minutes after the new slots opened, all appointments showed they were full. County Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser tweeting that this issue is a problem with that state server.

“We have added capacity to our county servers and our county system. if we were to build a separate or a duplicate process in Riverside County it would still require that we have somebody input all of that information on the county side, then into that state-wide system,” said Brooke Federico, Public Information Officer with Riverside County.

Many taking to social media to expressing their anger, even suggesting the county reach out to Golden Voice for help.

Some were able to reach a page to fill out the information, but once they pressed save and continue, they were greeted with an error page.

“Right before I got off, of it, I went through the whole thing like I did on Monday, they ask you a bunch of questions, entered all of my medical information, and then came to a site where it showed no appointments available,” explained Wiesenfeld

People out of state trying to secure appointments for their parents also sharing frustration at the lack of organization.

“Palm Springs being a popular destination for especially retirement, there are a lot of folks in our valley here that may be of older age and may not have that tech literacy. my frustration is that we’re trying to roll this out first to those 65 and older which are also those in our population who are possibly most challenged with technology,” said Connor Callaway, Resident of Lexington, Kentucky.

The county wants to remind residents that they are facing limited resources as 700,000 people are currently eligible for the vaccine, the demand far outweighing the supply, with only 10,000 slots opening earlier, they are planning to add more soon.

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