Evacuation Warnings Issued For Fire Burn Scar Areas

Evacuation Warnings Issued For Fire Burn Scar Areas

Nico Payne

With a severe winter storm days away, and headed for areas decimated by recent wildfires, preparations are ramping up.

“We’re starting to see that the weather forecasts are treading towards the thresholds that may cause mud and debris flow,” said Shane Reichardt, Senior Public Information Specialist with Riverside County.

Residents in the area say it’s nothing they haven’t seen before, but they are concerned about how the ground will hold after two massive fires tore through the area…

“We experience significant flow coming down from this side of the San Gorgonio Mountains, so through The Little San Gorgonio Creek, through Noble Creek and through other tributaries and whatnot, we experience a lot of water,” said Nyles O’Harra, Cherry Valley Resident.

The county has been preparing for these weather conditions, creating barriers in flood-prone areas, and residents have taken notice.

“The number of k-rail, the tons of sand being placed, the engineers coming out and spotting and shooting stuff and double-checking everything. I’ve never seen that level of investment in our community by our local county and by the city and I feel better prepared for the storm coming,” explained O’Harra.

“The concerning part below the burn scars is the rainfall amounts per hour. So what we are looking at is the forecast early Friday morning is trending to about .6 per hour. anywhere from .5 to .6, that’s in the lower end of our threshold but it’s enough that it could cause concern, and really this is the most significant rain that the burn scars experience since the fires,” said Reichardt

People looking for sandbags can check with Beaumont City Hall or local fire stations, those who need assistance are urged to call 2-1-1.

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