Local Resident Launches Website To Help Book Vaccine Appointments

Local Resident Launches Website To Help Book Vaccine Appointments

Nico Payne

Securing an appointment to get a vaccine has been a frustrating process for many. But one local resident who started off by helping her parents has made it her mission to help others in the community find resources that actually help.

”It started off with me helping my parents get their appointments and just finding out how complicated that process really was, and it was definitely a bearer,” said Co-creator of Vaxie.info

After helping some of her parents’ friends and other seniors at a UCR program, Hoffman discovered many helpful tips when it comes to booking a vaccine appointment and decided to launch Vaxie.info.

“I figured at that point it would be good to share the resources that I had found with the community and to compile that into a website which became a Facebook, which kind of took off on its own,” explained Hoffman.

Hoffman has since helped over 150 people and counting, she has also expanded her website onto Facebook to reach more people.

“Now what’s really special about our Facebook group is that we try to post whenever there are appointments that go live in Coachella Valley, in riverside county, as well as in San Bernardino County as much as we can,” said Hoffman.

Vaxie.info offers a list of resources from phone numbers, to emails, to website links, and Hoffman shares some top tips he finds to be most helpful.

“Though some sites are smartphone-friendly not all of them are, and that is really disappointing, you’ve gotten the appointment, you’ve gone through the entire process, you hit ok, you said ok, and it’s not ok,” added Hoffman.

Hoffman says to avoid that problem, try your best to book an appointment using a desktop or laptop, she also mentions that pressing refresh is important but not needed in all circumstances.

“There are some websites that do refresh for you and they tell you that and you should listen. one is CVS, they tell you that your screen is going to refresh every 30 seconds and if you actually watch it for 30 seconds you will see the entire screen go white, and then the words come back again,” explained Hoffman.

Along with many other tips from the website, there is also one last tip that might help ease some of the frustration.

“It becomes like a hunt and if you can see it as like black Friday and you are trying to get the ps5 and you have that mentality, it’s not as frustrating and it becomes almost fun. and when you have that approach to it, it isn’t as bad,” added Hoffman.

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