Local Residents Experience Prescription Delays

Local Residents Experience Prescription Delays

Nico Payne

As vaccination distribution continues throughout the county and local pharmacies, one problem some did not foresee is a delay in getting prescriptions. NBC Palm Springs spoke to a local resident who explains the long process of getting her prescription filled and her concern that this may be a widespread problem.

“The reason you haven’t gotten anything is we have not even looked at it yet. it’s in a cue and there’s roughly 130 people in front of you,” said Linda Poverello, Palm Springs resident.

That is the response Linda Paverello received after reaching out to her local ralphs pharmacy to find out what was happening with her prescription.

“I did this on Tuesday, I figured these people must have done it earlier than I did,” explained Paverello.

After many attempts of reaching a spokesperson on the phone, Poverella discovered the problem was more widespread and was in search of possible solutions.

“She just said we can’t get to all the prescriptions in a timely manner because we’re doing covid shots. so I said well you know I think I might just change pharmacies but the only problem is the pharmacy that is going to take my prescription has to get through to you on the phone,” said Poverella.

NBC Palm Springs did reach out to Kroger to ask what resources people can use if they find themselves in the same situation, but they not have responded to our request for comment. The company this past week launching a new online scheduling tool to help with both first and second dose appointments.

“When you call the pharmacy now, not only is it hard for them to answer the phone but there is a long message first that dissuade you from trying to ask them any questions about the covid vaccine because they have nothing to do with the scheduling,” explained Poverello.

Thankfully Poverello wasn’t in dire need of this medication, but she is concerned for others whose circumstances could be different.

“I did call that evening, Thursday evening, just to find out about how long I’d have to wait. she said your prescription will be ready in the morning, and I said look I don’t want special treatment, 130 in front of me, no it will be ready in the morning. shortly after that, I got my text and it said it was ready now,” added Paverello.

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