Local Leaders Visit Desert X Installations

Local Leaders Visit Desert X Installations

Nico Payne

Installations for Desert X are popping up throughout the Coachella Valley for residents to enjoy and explore, including some of our local leaders. NBC Palm Springs caught up with Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz who was visiting some of the new sites inspired by those who have journeyed across our valley.

“Art connects us to a greater truth and to the human experience,” said Ruiz.

Congressman Ruiz accompanied by his family explaining the importance behind their symbolism.

“This one imparticular helps us reflect on the sacrifices that people make in order to have a better life, especially those who are fleeing violence, that are fleeing term oil their country,” explained Ruiz.

Others visiting the artwork designed by Eduardo Sarabia, interpreting the art piece for themselves while learning the history behind the materials used.

“In the center there are steps and it felt like once you get to your destination you can always take the steps at the to review how far you’ve come and I really really like that,” said Allyson Pacifico, visiting from San Diego.

“I like the, what it’s made from, when we read about it, it was woven palm leaves, I think it was, so that was really cool,” said Jacob Johnstone, visiting from San Diego.

“Just walking through this art installation I was teaching my girls how to say “petate,” which is what you see as walls here, and to teach them that they’re used to sleep on and often times they are made of peoples beds,” added Ruiz

The congressman also highlighting the history behind Desert X and the importance of passing it along to younger generations.

“This is a perfect family tradition to have here in the desert, we’re going to see families come from L.A., from San Francisco, from different states, from different countries to come and visit these art installations to speak truth to our humanity and our human experience,” explained Ruiz.

People will have until mid-May to visit these works of art, and for a more interactive experience, you can download the explore DX21 app to plan out your day.

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