Local Leaders On Recalling Newsom

Local Leaders On Recalling Newsom

Nico Payne

The recall effort against Governor Newsom taking center stage in recent days, Wednesday was the deadline for the campaign to submit their signatures to the state. They’re confident an election will be held in the Fall with Governor Newsom finally addressing the recall for the first time in a recent interview.

“This is the sixth, sixth recall effort in just 25 months since I’ve been governor,” explained Newsom.

“You’re talking about a recall election that is going to cost some money, but you’re also talking about a governor who has lost $35 billion dollars worth of jobless benefits most of which went to fraudulent crime rings started inside of the prison system, not just here but in other states as well,” said Anne Dunsmore, Campaign Manager with Rescue California.

Those heading the recall also explaining that how Newsom handled the pandemic plays a major factor.

“It was absolutely the straw the broke the camel’s back, no question about it. he keeps throwing money at all of these things for political purposes that are not practical solutions. I think a good case in point was his back-to-school program that the teachers didn’t even want,” added Dunsmore.

Governor Newsom in recent days taking this recall effort seriously.

“Am I worried about it? of course, I’m worried about it,” exclaimed Newsom.

This most recent effort grew and garnered more supporters as Newsom was making headlines for attending a dinner party during a time where has asked Californians not to visit family and friends.

“It was a friend of over a quarter of a century, he’s having his 50th birthday. restaurants were open in the state I wasn’t suggesting people should not eat,” explained Newsom

Local leaders standing behind Newsom, commending him for his work.

“I credit Governor Newsom for his early decisive decisions in saving millions of lives, and yes, people are fatigued, they want to go back to a sense of normalcy and now California is moving in that right direction,” said Representative Raul Ruiz of the 36th district.

Election officials will now have until April 29th to verify the authenticity of the signatures collected and notify the secretary of state with the results.

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