Eisenhower Health Opens Public Vaccination Clinic

Eisenhower Health Opens Public Vaccination Clinic

Nico Payne

As vaccine eligibility expands to those 50 and older, Eisenhower Health in Rancho Mirage has now become a public vaccination site and they are expecting to administer 1,256 doses on Friday alone.

NBC Palm Springs got an inside look at what people can expect, along with some helpful pointers you should be aware of.

“You know, meeting other people, the same things, and having chit-chats everyday and life is good,” said Lola Beck, Rancho Mirage Resident.

That was Beck’s reaction after receiving her first vaccination shot at Eisenhower Health, the new vaccination site will run five days a week Monday-Friday.

“You have an assistant every step of the way to guide you to the next stop, it’s bang on time, and it was a snap,” explained Beck.

When people first arrive they will have to fill out a registration form, complete their registration within the Eisenhower Health system, and then continue into the vaccination area.

“Everything is by appointment only, there are no walk-ins, so the doses that we make are aligned to the patients that are scheduled. in the case of a no show or a cancellation we are trying to fill those as we go throughout the day,” said April Lopez, Director of the Covid vaccine clinic, with Eisenhower Health.

And looking down the road, Eisenhower does plan on providing vaccinations for those 16 and up.

“Right now under the county tiers with certain medical conditions, and then moving forward who qualify as being 16 and above to receive a Pfizer vaccine must have their parent with them,” said Lopez.

At this time the clinic is mainly providing Pfizer vaccinations but will have a day for those who prefer Moderna.

“Next week when you go to my turn.ca.gov we will have a specific day for Moderna. johnson and johnson there is still a very limited supply so we are not providing those at this time,” added Lopez.

And a word of advice once you do get a vaccination card.

“We get one card per vaccine, so we do not provide replacement cards. so I just suggest that everyone keeps those close at hand,” explained Lopez.

Those getting their first and second dose saying they are very grateful sharing what they look forward to most. 

“Traveling, it kind of screwed up my whole this year. we had planned on traveling to Europe so hopefully, by next year we’ll be able to go,” said John Fiala, Rancho Mirage resident.

“I miss people coming to the house and having get-togethers with my friends and stuff, but you know things could always be a lot worse, couldn’t they,” said Beck.

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