Martha’s Village Encouraging Vaccines For The Homeless

Martha’s Village Encouraging Vaccines For The Homeless

Nico Payne

Martha’s Village and Kitchen completed another successful vaccination clinic Thursday. The organization in Indio partnered with Riverside County to provide hundreds with the one-time Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Riverside County extending vaccination efforts hosting mobile vaccine clinics for hundreds in harder-to-reach areas.

“Riverside County understands that we are trying to reach some of the hard to reach neighborhoods, so throughout the county, we have multiple mobile teams that bring the vaccine to the people as opposed to people going to the vaccine,” said Captain Brian Guzzetta with the City of Riverside Fire Department.

“Today we met our quota for the 350 vaccines that we were offered and yesterday we had a total of 205, and today is the last day,” said Espy Ortiz, Martha’s Village and Kitchen.

Up until recently, Riverside County had mainly been in the planning stages of vaccinating the homeless population.

“This is just a small spotlight of what the county is doing, we have multiple teams like I said, every day of the week we have teams that are vaccinating. There are going to be many more of these to come and there are many more that are occurring today,” explained Guzzetta.

At these types of mobile clinics, people can expect to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine which officials say helps with logistics.

“I was actually kind of happy to get the one-shot because I feel a lot of people, my husband got the two shots and lots of family members got the two shots, and so just having that one, instead of having to come back and wait,” said Shaela Luta, La Quinta Resident.

“This is an ideal location to have johnson and johnson, especially with the individuals that experience homelessness, we know that once we get them in here we get them that one shot they are taken care of and they don’t have to have the logistics of having them come back for that second shot,” said Guzzetta.

Those helping administer vaccines saying the overall response has been joy and relief

“They are wanting the vaccine, they are just loving, they really are just excited to get the vaccine and get this over with,” said Renee Hiwert, a registered nurse.

“My arms a little sore, but that was expected when you get a shot or anything like that, but right now I feel pretty good,” added Luto.

Along with vaccinations Martha’s Village also provided their daily meals, to-go style, and they want to remind the community, they are open seven days a week.

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