Vaccine Hesitancy; Health Officials Stress Importance Of Options

Vaccine Hesitancy; Health Officials Stress Importance Of Options

Nico Payne

Hundreds of local Johnson and Johnson vaccine appointments are canceled after the federal government pushes pause on the rollout.

Experts worry the move will shake public confidence, making it less likely that people get vaccinated altogether.

Even before the news broke, Americans were hesitant about covid vaccines. According to The Kaiser Family Foundation poll from last month Americans are growing more willing to be vaccinated but 17% still want to wait and see what happens while 20% will not get a vaccine, or only get one if required

But Dr. Conrado Barzaga says if anything this should reassure people just how seriously officials are taking the rollout.

“Identifying these cases is showing the vigilance on the side-effects. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was recently approved and these cases were quickly, rapidly identified and the response has been very prudent and very quick to say let’s pause on the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine,” Explained Dr. Conrado Barzaga, CEP with Desert Healthcare District.

The ease of the one-dose shot was supposed to be a boom for rural communities like the far eastern Coachella Valley. Health officials that work in the east valley say in a time of vaccine hesitancy, it’s important to stress the differences between the available vaccines.

“Moderna and Pfizer use a different type of technology that has shown very little and very mild side-effects, and there has been no serious side-effects and no death related to the use of Moderna and Pfizer,” added Barzaga.

Riverside County has already administered about 20,000 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Sheila is one of those vaccine recipients, we spoke with her right after she received her dose. 

“It’s been a good four days since I have taken the vaccine and I feel pretty good. I haven’t had any issues or any problems back to my normal routine, I’ve been to the gym a couple of times already now that they are open, thank goodness,” said Shaela Luter-Plunkett, La Quinta Resident.

She says she’s not concerned about the recent pause.

“I’m in pretty good health and I know it’s a very small number of people that have got it compared to how many people have actually had the vaccine so I honestly wasn’t too concerned, I feel pretty healthy and felt pretty good since. so I didn’t see a reason to think that anything else would be wrong or go wrong,” added Luter-Plunkett.

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