County officials get involved in Palm Springs community effected by gas shutoff

County officials get involved in Palm Springs community effected by gas shutoff

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Riverside County officials have gotten involved in an ongoing gas shutoff north of Palm Springs. Residents at the Western Village mobile home park have been without gas for two months, meaning they’ve had no hot water and no functioning stoves.

The County has sent code enforcement out to the Western Village mobile home park with the goal of pressuring management to resolve the issue quickly. Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt is also trying to help the park owners apply for state grants to repair the gas lines. 

The community is located just outside the City of Palm Springs in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. This means the City is not responsible for the area, the County is.

“It’s just too much to handle,” said Melissa Brashears, a homeowner at the mobile home park. Brashears has reached out to management on serval occasions, worried the shutdown is leading to health issues.

“Just last week, when I had a re-check I had another urine infection and I think it’s because I don’t have proper hygiene here,” said Brashears. “Nobody helps, nobody suggests anything, nobody says anything, nobody cares here.” Brashears daughter now has to go to a friend’s home just so she can have a proper shower before work. 

After two months of silence, the mobile home park’s management finally began to address the gas issues residents had been facing but instead of returning natural gas to the residents, the park wanted to switch to propane. 

“I have a lot of concerns about the propane because it’s very expensive and people don’t realize that and I’m just not so sure I want to go down that route but I wasn’t given the option,” said John Williams, a tenant at the mobile home park. “Most of the people here are on disability. You know we’re one check away from being homeless.”

Residents say the County’s involvement is the first time an official has done anything to help in two months.

Western Village Mobile Home Park residents going on two months without gas


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