Palm Desert Baseball Alumni Jordan Sprinkle Named Collegiate National Player of the Week

Palm Desert Baseball Alumni Jordan Sprinkle Named Collegiate National Player of the Week

Brandy Flores

Recently, Jordan Sprinkle was named one of collegiate baseball newspaper’s national players of the week after a phenomenal series against UC San Diego, where he went 10-18 with two home runs and earning a team-high .526 batting average. Being recognized on a national stage like this meant a lot to Sprinkle.

“Oh, it’s amazing, you aren’t playing to get recognized that way, but when you do, it’s really rewarding in the fact that you can look at that and just understand like, what kind of player you are and really try and build off that rather than sit on it and get complacent with what you’re doing. ”

Sprinkle is a redshirt freshman this year at UC Santa Barbara, a highly talented division one baseball program currently ranked #22 in the country. So when he got the opportunity to start, he knew it was go time.

“I didn’t really think I was going to get that many chances this year, just based off of the lineup we had. I learned a lot from those guys that were playing ahead of me and was able to use that and kind of just channel that with how I play myself and I say being mentally present and just ready for that. Understanding that you know, in a failure sport like baseball where you have to have the mindset of you know, if the third time it doesn’t work out, and the fourth time is going to be great, so on and so forth. So I think as far as that goes, that’s how you stay really in the moment. ”

As a Palm Desert alumni, Sprinkle says that playing with talented ballplayers and great coaches here in the desert tremendously helped him at the next level.

“Obviously, there are some things that were new that I do experience myself and really work on but especially coming from Palm Desert, I give credit to Darol Salazar and the rest of the coaches that were there too, they helped me and prepared me so much and gave me a ton of knowledge as far as showing up. It could seem like a small pocket, but you know, there’s a lot of talented players out there and I think it’s important that they know there is a possibility they can be seen and there has been players from the desert that have played pro ball and that are on teams. So I think that desert baseball is just going to continue to get better.”

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