Bird scooters make it to city of Coachella

Regina Yurrita

A new way of transit has just arrived in Coachella, a partnership with the Bird E-Scooter Company has brought 50 new electric bird scooters for residents to fly through the city.

All you have to do is download the app, connect your credit card, head to a pickup location, and start riding.

The app charges one dollar to unlock the scooter, then 39-cents per minute to ride.

“For us this is about mobility.We want to make sure that our community is going out and enjoying the city,” said Mayor of Coachella, Steven Hernandez.

However, disability activists have taken to twitter in other cities to show how the hazardly discarded scooters can block sidewalks and wheelchair ramps. 

Making it impossible for those relying on wheelchairs to be independent, and even turning a simple outing, dangerous.

Disability advocates have even entered into class action lawsuits, saying cities and scooter companies have failed to maintain the accessibility of public sidewalks. 

“I cannot stand these scooters, they are an absolute menace,” said a resident opposed to the scooters.

Bird says there are mechanisms in place to make sure the e-scooters are dropped off in a safe and out of the way location, if not the rider’s card will continue to be charged. 

The city is also working to develop a geo-fence that will automatically bring the scooters to a stop if the rider enters an area where the scooters aren’t allowed. 

“It’s going to be fun to get around places, easier too,” said Juana Gonzalez, a resident who was enjoying the bird scooters in downtown Coachella.

Mayor Hernadez says the scooters are all about redefining and innovating coachella.

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