Desert Hot Springs Residents Look To Preserve Cactus Over Two-stories Tall

Nico Payne

A cactus in Desert Hot Springs is over two stories tall and may be the tallest of its kind in the Coachella Valley. Neighbors are concerned that as the cactus continues to grow, parts of it may be rotting, and might not withstand the winds, they are hoping to learn how they can preserve it.

“The cactus is just beautiful and I just feel like I’ve never seen one that big,” said Judy Edwards, Desert Hot Springs resident.

“Well besides that it’s beautiful, it saved my life,” explained Andras Bodo, Desert Hot Springs Resident.

Judy has been a resident of Desert Hot Springs for over 13 years and says what she looks forward to most is stepping outside and seeing this one-of-a-kind cactus.

“I just love to come out here and watch it grow, but I never really paid that much attention till the other day I looked up and said this cactus is over the building,” added Edwards.

Andras, who is an artist and lives just behind the cactus credits the cactus for saving his life. Saying it was a sign that led him to find a place to rent.

“I drove over 1000 miles just in the Coachella Valley, and I saw this cactus, and I contacted the owner, and he said yeah I have an apartment open and it was just the perfect size for me,” said Bodo.

Rumor has it that this cactus could be hundreds of years old and weighing thousands of pounds.

“Some experts said that it’s 20,000 pounds, it’s over 200 years and worth about $400,000 thousand dollars,” explained Bodo.

Other nearby neighbors believe the cactus is a saguaro cactus weighing closer to 2,000 pounds, and they are hoping to learn more on how to preserve it as there are not many left in the area, and not nearly as grand as this cactus.

“There’s only one down the street but not that size, that’s the hugest one I’ve ever seen. That cactus grows 6 inches a year, so could you imagine how much history is behind that cactus,” added Edwards.

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