Heat and low power supplies prompt new flex alert


The California Independent System Operator (ISO) has issued a
statewide Flex Alert, a call for voluntary electricity conservation, for tomorrow,
Wednesday, July 28 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., due to predicted high energy demand and
tight supplies across the West.


Temperatures are expected to soar over 100 degrees again in many parts of the state.  At the same time, western wildfires continue to threaten transmission lines and some hydroelectric plants are operating at reduced capacity due to low water levels in several reservoirs and lakes.

The increase demand caused by air conditioning can make electricity supplies tight and
cause strain on our power grid.

Consumers are urged to conserve electricity, especially during the late afternoon and
early evening, when the grid is most stressed due to higher demand and solar energy
production falling. Consumers are also asked to turn off unnecessary lights, delay using
major appliances until after 9 p.m., and set air conditioner thermostats to 78 degrees or
higher, if health permits.

The conservation measures can help stabilize the power grid during a time of tight
demand and supply, and avoid power interruptions. Reduced electricity use during a
Flex Alert can prevent further emergency measures, including rotating power outages.
For information on Flex Alerts, and to get more electricity conservation tips, visit

Conservation Tips

– Adjust blinds and drapes to cover windows
– Set thermostat to 78 degrees or higher, if health permits
-Avoid using major appliances
– Turn off all unnecessary lights

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