Carly Pope Talks to Manny the Movie Guy About “Demonic,” Neil Blomkamp, and Volumetric Capture

Manny The Movie Guy

I had a great time talking to the refreshingly thoughtful and sweet Carly Pope about her new scary sci-fi flick “Demonic” from writer/director Neil Blomkamp (“District 9,” “Elysium”).  In the film, Pope stars as Carly, a daughter who must come to terms with her mother’s incarceration amidst supernatural forces while using the volumetric capture technology – capturing an object that can be digitized in a three-dimensional space using an array of cameras.

Pope and I talked about her interest in making the film, her character of Carly, working with Neil Blomkamp, and volumetric capture.

“Demonic” from IFC Films is out in theaters and on-demand Friday, August 20th.  For more of my “Demonic” interview, click here.

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