Hot Yoga Plus Palm Springs mixes in different workouts

Tony Phan

Hot Yoga Plus Palm Springs offers hot yoga with 60 and 90 sessions, Inferno Pilates, Trapeze Yoga, and Pole Fitness.

During hot yoga, the room is heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity to really make people break a sweat. It’s a full-body workout that challenges every muscle.

AnnMarie Lynn, Owner and Instructor explains why they do workouts in this kind of heat,

“The humidity helps loosen up the body and the heat is going to make you sweat and pretty much detox! You do a lot of cardio in here, sit-up and pushups too.”

Pole Fitness is an up-and-coming workout that has a lot of buzz. Some benefits include increased self-esteem, strength, flexibility, and improves coordination. It’s available to anyone who wants to try it not just women!

Another talk around the studio is aerial acrobatics. It’s exactly what it sounds like and is definitely a full-body workout.

Chelsea “Sphere” O’Neil instructor for Pole Fitness says,

“This doesn’t fall under the yoga category but this is circus. This is aerial acrobatics. We use a steel hoop and you’ll spinning round and round in.”

Those who are interested can head to their website to get more information on their class times for both Hot Yoga and Pole Fitness.

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