Shadow Mountain Golf Club Restoration Underway; Fish In Need Of New Home

Nico Payne

The historic Shadow Mountain Golf Club in Palm Desert was recently purchased by new owners, and as they begin to renovate the course one of their first projects on hand is to restore the large ponds on the golf course.

In the ponds, there are various sea animals, and before restoration can begin they need to be transferred. Our camera crew took a deep dive Wednesday morning and joined the Shadow Mountain community who all pitched in to help.

The Shadow Mountain Golf Club in Palm Desert was sold in August of 2021, and the new owner decided to take a more humane approach when it came to the first item on her renovations list, to empty the ponds.

“The ponds haven’t been cleaned up probably for 20 years, and all the equipment, everything about them has got to go,” explained Lindi Biggi, Owner of Shadow Mountain Golf Club.

But in those twenty years, around 100 fish and sea creatures knew this pond as their home, having been transported there by residents in the community.

Biggi, who is also the founder of Loving All Animals, a pet adoption service, decided instead of just draining the water and turning her back, she had to find the fishes a new home.

“We decided that we had to redo the pond but we didn’t want to kill the fish, so the community is jumping in here to help us save the fish,” said Biggi

Waist deep in mucky water and slime, friends and family came together to have a messy, yet fun morning.

“I think it’s amazing, I mean I’m a really big animal lover and I care about animals, so I think it’s amazing that they want to save the fish and move them instead of just letting them die and perish,” said Carly Nelson, a visitor from Orange County.

Once the fish are caught they will be transported to smaller fully restored ponds, as crews work to restore the biggest pond on the golf course.

Wednesday’s first catch of the day was a turtle, and those who live in the community say they are excited to see what will come of the historic golf course months from now.

“People have already told me, after two weeks of owning the course, it already looks better than it’s ever looked. And with more attention paid to it, she is going to be doing lots of improvement and we are just really really excited,” said Chuck Bennett, Palm Desert Resident.

And although improvements are strongly underway, Biggi says community support is still needed.

“Come support me, I need your help, so far I’m getting it,” exclaimed Biggi.

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