Palm Springs Businesses Compare Holiday Weekend to 2019; Say Visitors Are Steadily Coming To Town

Nico Payne

Despite mask mandates and vaccine requirements, Palm Springs saw a steady amount of visitors this past weekend.

Businesses comparing it to 2019, pre-pandemic, saying crowds are starting to look similar, but what is different is that they are coming in sporadically.

“Compared to 2019, about the same, definitely like today, this Monday, I would have thought we would have been busy earlier, that’s what normally happens, but everyone is coming in later now,” said Tony Marchese, Owner of Trio Restaurant.

The Trio Restaurant in downtown Palm Springs, saying they had a busy weekend, with reservations being booked solid, mask mandates, and vaccine requirements not putting a damper on people looking to escape for a weekend.

“We are doing what we are asked to do, you know if you come in, you have a reservation, would you like indoor, outdoor? If they say indoor then we ask them for their vaccination or test. It’s what we have to do right now, and everyone has been pretty good about it actually,” explained Marchese.

“It’s definitely better than 2020, feeling more normal, feeling a little bit more like 2019 with the exception of the masks,” said Christopher Cummings, Director of Special Operations at Shag.

Cummings, who works at Shag downtown says he’s been interacting with a lot of Angelinos coming into town for a change of scenery, reminding folks that vaccinations shouldn’t be an issue for shoppers.

“Definitely masks when indoors and shopping, we’re not a restaurant so we don’t require proof of vaccination,” added Cummings.

And on holiday weekends, with Interstate 10 being the main corridor in and out of the Coachella Valley, some advice on the best times to head out and avoid traffic.

“Holiday weekend, I end up staying till Tuesday, because you got an extended stay and no traffic. There’s no traffic, but if I had to leave today I would have left early this morning,” said Marchese.

“I don’t really know, I guess maybe leave early in the morning, or add on another day, maybe leave tomorrow,” suggested cummings.

That seems to be the best plan of action…to have left early Monday morning or wait it out till Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, there were some Sig-alerts on the I-10, but road conditions are looking alright considering it is a travel holiday.

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