Palm Desert’s Pure Barre challenges the muscles with a full body workout

Tony Phan

Pure Barre in Palm Desert joined us today for this week’s workout or wellness Wednesday.

Their motto is “low impact but high intensity” workouts that challenge the body to test muscles that people might not focus on normally.

Edith Cantu, the Owner says,

“It’s not just a workout here, it’s a lifestyle! You meet great people. you set goals and all your classmates help you acheive those goals. We have great instructors and it’s a nice community.”

It’s all about the “small movements but big impact”, instructors will tell clients to “pulse” during a class and this literally means to work that single muscle for however long they ask.

The goal during classes is to tone muscles, increase strength and flexibility.

Susan Caruso, Instructor says,

“The goal of the pulse is to work your muscles to fatigue, that helps create body change.”

They offer a variety of classes with a different focus for each:

  • foundations
  • classic
  • pure empower
  • pure reform

The studio is currently doing a fall challenge from September until November; they’re encouraging people to take 60 classes in thirty days.

For any local residents looking to sign-up the first class is completely FREE!

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