Lola’s Kusina bringing delicious Filipino culture to the Coachella Valley

Tony Phan

Lola’s Kusina is bringing the heat to the Coachella Valley with their delicious Filipino food! Michelle Castillo the owner and chef for the business learned all her cooking skills from her “Lola”, which in Tagalog means grandma.

Castillo currently makes everything right out of her own kitchen, calling it a “micro-kitchen”. She received approval from the city during the pandemic to make this possible; since many business owners were struggling to keep their doors open this made it possible.

When she joined ‘The Morning Show’, she taught the team how to make Chicken Adobo.

“It’s one of them. It’s the national dish of the Philippines.”

She’s been cooking food since she was a little girl and has always wanted to open her own restaurant. Next spring she’s hoping to open up her backyard and start welcoming people back.

Along with her cooking skills; Castillo is also an educator and has a passion for arts and culture.

She usually hosts workshops and teaches her classes how to make traditional Filipino dishes.

For those interested in buying traditional foods from chicken adobo, tofu, and lumpia; just head to her foodnome website.

“You can find Lola’s Kusina we’re currently on the foodnome platform. It’s a community-based platform for home chefs and cooks to share their food and their neighborhood. So Lola’s Kusina is found on foodnome. And you can order curbside there.”


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