Local Sisters Prepare For Grand Opening Of Grocery Outlet

Nico Payne

Two local sisters are teaming up and taking on a business venture that they hope will benefit the whole community.

Come November 4th they will be opening a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market store in La Quinta, a location where residents have been waiting for a grocery store for quite some time since the closing of Ralphs.

“A lot of great deals on name brands, that’s one thing we want to make sure is that we provide fresh quality products throughout the entire store,” said Mayra Ornelas, Independent Operator of Grocery Outlet of La Quinta.

As the location in La Quinta makes preparations for opening day, locals are already stopping by eager to get a sneak peek.

“Very exciting, for me living in the cove, you know it’s five minutes down the street so when I get a little older and I can only drive a golf cart, it’s within golf carting distance you know,” said Thomas Sorensen, La Quinta Resident.

“We have organic products, we have everything that you can find at a conventional store, the only difference is that we’re giving it to them at a deep discount,” explained Ruby Ramirez, Independent operator of Grocery Outlet in La Quinta.

There are hundreds of Grocery Outlets stretching from San Diego to Seattle. The two sisters are new to the Coachella Valley, they moved from Hemet to La Quinta to run the operation from the ground up.

Grocery Outlet making it a priority to get locals to run their franchises. 

“Each store and location has the opportunity to see someone, see the potential that they have and then put them into a program, help them out, understand the analytics behind the whole thing of running a business, because before I never knew anything about running a business, but thankfully because of the training that we did receive for the grocery outlet, it has just been great, and we’re here,” added Ornelas.

Fellow entrepreneurs are excited to welcome the added foot traffic, welcoming the young Latina business owners.

“It’s awesome, to have actual people that are young, entrepreneurs and their sisters that actually go to do a grocery outlet, it’s pretty cool to have that, especially near us, and I’m excited to see people just like me, young entrepreneurs get to make their own business,” said Jesus Almaraz, Owner of Los Arcos Restaurant.

Supply chain issues are plaguing even the biggest grocery stores, but the sisters say they are prepared.

“We do have really good buyers on our side, we have a great team. so we are very confident that they are able to rotate the inventory in between our warehouses,” said Ornelas.

“For us to put that trust into them, we know they are going to be able to bring that product in and bring what the community needs so we are not concerned at all,” added Ramirez.

Opening day is set for November 4th and  NBC Palm Springs wants to congratulate the two sisters on this amazing feat. and welcome to the Coachella Valley.

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