City of Palm Springs To Spend $8.7 Million to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Kamari Esquerra

“There literally have been multiple accidents at this cross section,” said Randall Barnette, a Palm Springs resident. “The speed limit is 40 but people go more like 50.”

Missing sidewalks, invisible traffic signals, and and high-speed traffic. These are just a few of the complaints residents petition the city of palm springs to improve, saying the current standard of safety for pedestrians is unacceptable.

“This is a pedestrian area. There are hotels, apartment complexes, (and) restaurants,” said Barnette. “The traffic is just going by at crazy speeds.”

He says doing simple  a chore like taking out the garbage is a risky task in the city.

“It’s scary actually … someone flies by going 60mph, it’s frightening.” 

He’s made several petitions to the city, but says he has yet to see any changes.

“We’ve petitioned the city, we’ve asked the city to step in. I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years trying to get the city just to lower the speed limit for safety for pedestrians and nothing has transpired,” Barnette said.

Some changes he would like to see implemented include adjusting speed limits.

“Lowering the speed limit would help,” said Barnette. “It’s a mental thing. If you see 35 rather than 40, you slow down.”

He also says visibility is another important factor for drivers. 

“Have placards in between the lanes because everyone slows down for that.”

Levine says these changes will not only ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers, but also keep Palm Springs the thriving international tourism destination it is.

“It’s impacting businesses, it’s making it impossible for people to have quality of lifestyle under these circumstances, and most importantly it’s a safety issue,” said Levine.

In an email to NBC Palm Springs, city officials said they are spending more than 8.7 million dollars on traffic signals where safety concerns are identified. Several projects that have successfully secured funding are already underway. These projects include improvement with the latest traffic safety equipment of multiple signalized intersections and pedestrian traffic signals.

For more information about the city’s response to pedestrian safety, check out our previous story.

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