DSUSD Superintendent To Retire At the End of School Year

Kamari Esquerra

Since the start of the pandemic, superintendents from each school district in the Coachella Valley have retired.

The Superintendent of the Coachella Valley Unified School District retired earlier this year in February. The Palm Springs Unified School District Superintendent retired last December. Now, the Superintendent of Desert Sands Unified School District will retire in June 2022. 

“For me it took 32 years for me to get to where I can say, ‘I’m retired’,” said Scott Bailey, Superintendent of Schools for Desert Sands Unified School District. “I’ve had a very blessed career and obviously had an opportunity that not many people have of influencing tens of thousands of students over the year, as well as working with some great staff,” said Superintendent Bailey.

Superintendent Bailey announced his retirement during Tuesday’s school board meeting, saying while he has been honored to hold the title of Superintendent for more than five years, he’s looking forward to taking on a new title- Grandpa. 

“The news that my oldest daughter is going to be providing me with a grandchild certainly encouraged me to free up my calendar,” said Superintendent Bailey. “Certainly my family has supported me tremendously over those 32 years. It’s time for me to support them.”

Despite three retirements over the course of two academic years, Superintendent Bailey says these are just a normal part of life. 

“I’m one of the last baby boomers- and we’re ‘coming off line… national transition due to age.”

Although Superintendent Bailey will be taking on a different set of responsibilities in his next chapter, he said he will continue to support the Coachella Valley community in whatever ways he can…

“Hopefully my legacy will not be at maturity yet. I hope to give back to the community going forward,” said Superintendent Bailey. “I’ll figure out a way to give back. You haven’t heard the last of me.”

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