La Quinta City Council Looking to Approve Golf Experience Project, NextLinks

Brandy Flores

Across the Coachella Valley are beautiful golf courses and driving ranges suited for professionals and amateurs. However, jumping into golf can be intimidating for beginners or those who want a more relaxed version of the classic game.

A facility that caters to all golf fans might be coming soon to La Quinta, you’ve heard of Top Golf, now introducing, NextLinks!

“It’s Top Golf, indoors.” NextLinks CEO Dan Mechem explains, “and it’s our own kind of spin on it. Our founder Dave Shultz felt you know what, I love Top Golf but I can make it better and he created this incredible technology and gameplay. These are going to be places that are fun and it’s not so stiff, right? It’s a lot more relaxed.”

NextLinks is planning to build the 130,000-acre facility right on the corner of Highway 1-11 and Jefferson in La Quinta. However, nothing is set in stone as of yet, the city of La Quinta still needs to approve the project.

“Next steps are we have to have city council approve it, and then there’s an internal subcommittee that actually does that. So far, they’ve (city of La Quinta) said ‘we really want to do this, we’re supportive of it.’ The mayor’s come out and said we want to do this. We’re excited. They’ve told us that they will give us the final word before the end of the year, but then the city council will have to approve it early next year. I think everybody wants indoor golf at La Quinta.”

The city of La Quinta declined to provide comment to NBC Palm Springs on this new project. However, according to a YouTube video posted by NextLinks on September 13th, 2021 La Quinta Mayor Linda Evans had this to say about the NextLinks project:

“It could serve as a major amenity towards La Quinta’s efforts to reenvision the highway 111 corridor and NextLinks in La Quinta could also serve as a magnet for other businesses by being a catalyst for compelling growth and development in our community.”

NextLinks is not just an entertainment stop, they are looking to positively impact the community, by providing more than 300 jobs and partnering with youth sports charities.

“We have a partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation, and also the paints to our kid’s foundation. So we’ll be teaching kids indoors during the summer and other times.”


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