Agua Caliente Casino Wedding Winners Get Married

Carmela Karcher

“I’m feeling good, just excited! Ready to get married,” the bride, Jennifer Chapman, said with a smile.

“I was starting to get a little nervous but now it’s excitement and I’m ready to go,” Groom Brandon Chapman exclaimed.

The wedding bells are ringing and the smiles are bigger than ever.

Saturday afternoon, Agua Caliente wedding winners finally made their way down the aisle, surrounded by their family and friends.

“Jenny and Brandon were just so meant for this and it couldn’t have been a better outcome for everyone,” Bridesmaid Jenny Rubinstein said.

This has been a long time in the making, so let’s take a look back on this couple’s journey over the past 10 years and what brought them here.

“In 2012, we met online,” Jennifer explained. “I had just moved home from college and Brandon was new to the area. Brandon was a party boy and I was not really a party person. But, we, you know, sort of started talking and did a little partying and now our life is a lot different.”

She continued, “Obviously, we’ve just been busy raising a baby and then raising another baby and then we sort of thought about doing it right before the pandemic and then there was the pandemic and then I was a surrogate and we didn’t want to do it during that. So we just have been sort of busy for the past six years.”

Brandon chimed in saying, “I kind of imagined it running off to Vegas and just doing it coming back and telling everybody hey, it’s done!”

“I’m more casual and then super fancy, but I know Brandon is looking forward to a good party to bring us back to our origins, right?” Jennifer said.

And a big party they got.

The $25,000 wedding prize package included everything from their bachelor and bachelorette parties to the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

“It really came about to introduce this beautiful space, Agave Caliente Terraza, to the community and at the same time, give back to the community for a chance to hold a special day. Something that will definitely go down in their books,” Director of Marketing at Agua Caliente Casinos Pearl Aguinaldo explained.

And because of this, Brandon and Jennifer were able to share their love and officially become Mr. and Mrs.

“A very long time in the making,” Jennifer said with a laugh. “There is no going back now he’s trapped anyways!”

“Now it’s time to make this dream a real thing,” Brandon exclaimed.

More of this wedding will be on NBC Palm Springs News First at 6 a.m. this Wednesday for Wedding Wednesday.

Congratulations, Jennifer and Brandon Chapman!

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