Some Desert Businesses See Less Profit Coachella Weekend 1

Carmela Karcher

“You see a lot of people walking with suitcases coming off the planes and all that, but during the weekend, no. The foot traffic has been down,” Las Casuelas Terraza Manager Eric Navarro said.

Festival season is in full swing.

But what would normally be a booming time for business in the desert, isn’t exactly the case for some this year.

“We love seeing all the fresh faces in town,” Navarro continued. “We get a lot of people from different countries and different states which does bring some different business to us, but our overall volume has been a little bit down. I think we’ve been spoiled for the last few weeks with spring break and our numbers were a lot higher, but with Coachella Fest in town, they did go down a little bit.”

And Navarro has a reason for why this is happening.

“I think the hotels are probably a little pricier and Airbnb’s are pricey as well, so the normal person who would come out here just to spend the weekend is not coming out.”

And, he’s right.

Prices for nearly everything across the valley have skyrocketed. 

After a quick search for hotels on Expedia, nearly every hotel is booked for this weekend.

And the ones that are available are ranging from $570 to over $1,000.

Even Motel 6 in Palm Desert is over $600 per night.

But restaurants are holding out hope for more customers.

“There are some pool parties happening here in Palm Springs so hopefully we can get a little push from that and hopefully people will want to carb up before they go to the festival before they get day drinking,” Navarro said. “We are ready for it. We are ready for it if it comes, but hopefully it does.”

Usually, the festivals bring in nearly $400-million into the Coachella Valley.

But after the pandemic and with inflation, we’ll have to see if these festivals measure up to years past.

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