Locals React Midterm Elections

Tiani Jadulang

Election night is not over as votes are still coming in. I spoke with locals around the Coachella Valley weighing in on some of the early projections for different races and propositions.

“I think it’s a good thing because people get in trouble… don’t know what reason, how they got pregnant, but I think it’s a very good thing that it passed, because I agree on that.” says Coachella Valley resident, Lala on Proposition 1 passing.

Britney Nolte, a Sky Valley resident says, “I believe women have the right to their own bodies… that’s about it.” Proposition 1 which focuses on reproductive rights is a hot topic across the nation during this year’s midterm elections. Other hot topics included high gas prices and inflation.

“We got some very problematic people in the White House, and the Vice Presidency.. So I’m not sure where the country is headed, but we got disturbing inflation, our energy plan is a disaster, and the population is filling the stress from all of that.” Indian Wells resident, Richard adds.

Others were unhappy with the Election results so far.

“Let me just say it this way, California’s got a lot of problems, and we’re going in the wrong direction, and the people don’t realize that… and they still vote the same. Oh give me more, give me more of the same, well the same isn’t working.” Coachella Valley resident, Darwin states.

Many locals did not focus much on the congressional races, but rather the state and country races.

Rancho Mirage resident Deanna Pearl states “I think it was hopeful for the Democrats… but if they don’t win the Senate, and they don’t win the House… it’s nice that it wasn’t a red wave.”

The day after the election we took the temperature of our community when discussing the hot topic issues of this election. 

The issue of homelessness is important to many voters,  and when asked in our social media poll, 68% of the voters said Governor Newsom would not fix the issue while serving his second term. 

When it comes to Prop 26 and 27, in-person and online sports betting… 62% of the voters said they would not travel out state to participate in in-person or online sports betting. 

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