Booked and Busy Restaurants Fill With Locals And Visitors This Christmas

Tiani Jadulang

Not too many places are open on Christmas Day, but a select few still open their doors to the residents and visitors of the Coachella Valley.

Here’s what one local business and valley visitors had to say, “You know I’ve been, I’ve been working here at Trio for 10 years and Christmas day is always one of our more popular holidays. Today we have 900 reservations.” says Dominic Pitt, a server at Trio Restaurant. 

Pitt says Trio is open for those who don’t feel like cooking on the special holiday, and the restaurant fills with residents and winter visitors for the holiday weekend.

“You know, it’s a combination. It’s a little bit of both right now, the more you look around you see a lot of locals in here… and a lot of people that are coming in just for the weekend.” Pitt says.

As far as his own holiday celebration, Pitt says working with his coworkers the past couple of years feels like a family of its own.

“Yeah, it feels like an extended family for sure, and I get to work with all my co-workers and they’re all family as well.”

The holiday season not only brings beautiful weather, but many tourists and after speaking with a few, they say the select few shops that are open leave them feeling welcomed.

“I think for us it’s very important, of course, so we can buy things and get food of course… so our opinion it’s a fine thing, that the shops and restaurants are open during the holidays.” two visitors from Germany say.

Others are soaking up the opportunity to not only be with family but to enjoy the town.

“I’m visiting from San Francisco and I do not expect any restaurants to be open and this is by far the best ever opportunity to be out among family. So excited, very excited about it.” a visitor from San Francisco says.

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