Rainy Weather Causes Chaos For Local Drivers

Tiani Jadulang

Rain has been pretty constant as of lately, leaving room for road closures all over the Western part of the Coachella Valley.

Even the slightest bit of rain can cause flooding for many main roads here in the valley, leaving both locals and visitors upset with the traffic it leaves behind.

“When they first closed it up, 111 and Ramon was just a traffic jam. It took probably an hour to go about six blocks.” says Michael Parkinson, a Coachella Valley resident. 

When rain hits the valley, the only fear residents face is road closures, leaving many upset as they try leaving their houses.

“We have been affected… I mean, for the last three days. It’s been closed for probably eight or twelve hours, something like that. It was an inconvenience to say the least.” says Victor Goble, visiting from Northern California. 

Even going so far as to disrupt plans…

“Well, we didn’t make our dinner reservation.” Parkinson states.

In this case Vista Chino was in the clear, but come later, if the rain continues… It is almost guaranteed to close off.

Not all people dislike the rainy weather, to some it brings joy.

“Well, we need water, right?  To fill up the aquifers so I’m not too disappointed. You know, you could be playing golf or doing some fun things. I can take a few more days.” says Phillip Asbury, a Coachella Valley resident.

These closed off roads do affect everyone.

“I just took a detour to get here. You know, an extra half a mile or a mile to get to this store. It didn’t bother me that much. I know we need the rain, so no problem.” Asbury states.

Before heading out be sure to consider the extra traffic and to leave room for any of those closed roads.

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