Cathedral City’s Taste Of Jalisco Day 2

Tiani Jadulang

In Cathedral City, the annual Taste of Jalisco Festival is well underway, with activities for the entire family. 

Day 2 of the festival kicked off earlier this morning, the event was filled with both locals and visitors curious to see what the festival’s all about.

“We came out with our in-laws and family and we love the culture, the fun environment. Just trying something new, we haven’t been to this before and so far having a great time.” says Andrew Paiyarat, a Coachella Valley resident.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

“Just for a family fun day you know we have kids now so all we can do is do festivals like this, walk around and enjoy each other’s company.” Nathaniel Guerra, who’s visiting family from West Covina, says. 

Despite all that the event has to offer, many visitors say they’re here to celebrate the culture.

“Just the culture of Jalisco, so my grandparents are from Guadalajara, but it’s still Mexico, taking the culture and seeing the food and stuff like that.” Guerra says. 

“Just like experiencing like the culture and like having fun with it and you know just supporting like the vendors.” Nancy Ng, a Cathedral City resident says.

Those visiting from out of town are ready to experience something new.

“Looking forward to listening to some music, of course, drinking some Casamigos Tequila and looking at some of the exhibits.” says Gizelle Thornton, a visitor from Akron, Ohio. 

With people at the festival hoping to eat some delicious and traditional Mexican food, they’re in luck.

“We’re here today, to provide, like I said, good quality Mexican food and we’re successful at.” owner of Mexican Delights, Maria Delacruz says.

“Well, it totally means the world to us. We’re proud to be Mexican of course and then the state of Jalisco has some amazing food… and I’m proud that I’m here to represent them so that people can actually say “oh my god, that Taste of Jalisco food was really delicious.” she later states.

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