Super Bowl Safety Precautions

Tiani Jadulang

With a big game this weekend comes lots of excitement, but it’s the post-game dangers that authorities are urging fans to be aware of.

Authorities are increasing their presence and warning those who go out, to do so safely. 

“Super Bowl Sunday has a 41% more increase of DUI crashes and arrests than any other Sunday in January or February.” says Chief Sam Digiovanna, from the Verdugo Fire Academy. 

Super Bowl Sunday continually ranks as one of the most dangerous times of the year for drunk driving deaths.

According to the California Highway Patrol in the last five Super Bowl Sundays, there were 1,363 DUI crashes.

Of those DUI crashes, 43 were fatal, leaving more than 700 people injured across the golden state.

“Limit the alcohol. It’s so important if people are drinking, stop drinking right at halftime, and then don’t let anyone drive impaired, make sure that they have a designated driver.” Digiovanna says.

With tensions high and people excited for the big game,  officials are urging people, drinking or not… to be alert. 

“If you’re attending a sports bar, or at a hotel, or even at a casino, maintain situational awareness at all times. You know people’s personalities change during Super Bowl Sunday, you know the egos come out and the dangers come in.”

With CHP patrolling the streets on days like Sunday, they advise drivers to make wise decisions.

“We recommend that you have a plan for someone that’s going to be a designated, sober driver. That’s probably the best thing. Hopefully someone that doesn’t drink in general… or just have somebody you can call like your family member or your friends and you can also use Uber and Lyft.” Officer David Torres, with the Indio CHP says. 

Driving under the influence can affect more than just the one behind the wheel. 

“Make a good decision and get home safely… because you’re not only affecting yourself, but you could be affecting the lives of other people, if you do get into a crash.” Torres says.

Officials of this year’s Super Bowl are urging fans to take caution, by using the phrase “Drive sober or game over.” 

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